Dad is on a rare health kick and so Grace has been taking him to the store every night to get a nice little work out in.   The store is nearly 2.5miles round trip ...and Dad pulls Grace in her fancy commercial-grade wagon.   The whole ordeal is too funny.   Grace loves to be out-n-about and her favorite thing in the whole world is to people watch ...and our new local Raley's is the pefect place.   Plus all the employees know her and she gets treated like a VIP  -and dad gets a good workout!

Tonight Grace wanted to wear her sunglasses 24/7.    The whole thing falls between very cute and very ridiculous  -but when she wants to wear them, no talking her out of them.

Typically we only buy a simpe thing or two.   Tonight it was a couple of nice Tri-Tips that were on sale.   Perfect for tomorrow's dinner!

Cute?  Ridiculous?    you decide.

Either way, Grace always keeps us laughing.   Everyday she throws us a new chapter as she takes on planet earth.

Following pics taken with phone camera so not that great ..but still fun:
Our first trip to the store a few days ago ---we took the jogging stroller.    Nice but not nearly the workout for dad as pulling that big wagon.

Firemen were shopping too ....and Grace got a lot of attention from the men in uniform.

And the next night, now in the wagon ....Grace shop for some milk

Ahhh!!, why do they pu t icecream on great sales when Dad starts a diet?    Grace and I window shop, but were able to muster enough discipline to pass on the icecream purchase.

More pics of Grace in her wagon ..with mom and dad here