June 5,6,7   2009
Grace's First Road-Trip ....
While Grace Stays At Grandma Jo's
~Mom and Dad Explore Some Great Sites~



We were primarily on back roads ...here way up in the mountain on a dirt road between Williams Oregon and Holland Oregon ..this nice stream where we took a break.


...and now in Holland OR ...where Neil Young was blaring from the only business for many miles.

Kathy   L O V E S   Taylor's sausage, so always a must stop.

This boat in Gold Beach has seen better days.

Got a nice motel in Gold Beach

Kathy demonstrating what one should do if a Tsunami comes!

I'll toast to that.




This is an action shot.


Now up in old-growth redwoods -east of Orick



Kathy with the crazed "wood-people" look  -Yep we saw a lot of crazy "woods people"


Obligatory stop to see Bigfoot in Happy Camp USA