April 2009  Doctor Visit
5 Weeks Old

Dad telling Grace what to expect at the Doctor.

Grace getting psych'd up for the adventure

April 14  -Can you believe the "spring" weather!?!?

Grace en-route to the doctor

Silly girl doing her excercises while waiting for the doctor.

Uhh, Time to get weighed and Grace was a real heavyweight!!   8lbs 8oz  ...this is 1lb 9oz more than when she was born.   GREAT JOB GRACE!!  (but you're sill our little peanut)

Now time to get that big brain measured ...the doctor's assistant was real nice.

Mom holding Grace who wasn't sure whether to be fussy or happy.


Dad and Grace

This was another A+ doctors visit!  We have a game plan in place for the mild reflux that Grace has ....and a few hints on how to keep her poops a bit more regular.   These are all very minor little ailments, she's really doing great!!