2009 March30 -->April2
Misc. Pictures

Grace got her mommy this G I A N T birthday cake.
Mom's birthday was kind of a multi-day event with little things happening each day.   Sounds great but really this was because Dad and Grace weren't as organized as they would have liked to have been.

Mom likes the cake ...while Grace was a bit grumpy at celebration time

The custom-built cake is much bigger than grace and certainly weighs a lot more

These two are a funny pair

Grace showing her #1 move of the last few days.


Family outing to Dad and Mom's favorite:  Scooper's Drive Inn!


Bundled up in the carseat ready for an expedition back home from Scooper's

We've been using this little kangaroo pack .....Grace really likes it.


A new mobile and grace getting a rare chance to loiter in the "Big" crib in her room