2009 March22, 23 24
Grandma Jo comes to visit






And now time to open presents!

Amazing coincidence that this pig has the same name as Grace  :-)
What a fun piggy-bank!

Grandma Jo and Grace "chillin'"

Kathy trying to find out what it means when silly babies go to sleep in this position.

And a trip to the park and a ride down the slide!

Video of the slide adventure
..and another action-packed video, but ya gotta tilt your head for this one (camera operator error, sorry)

All the girls in one picture

Grandma Jo, Mary, Grace and John

Kathy and Grace preparing all the 'stuff' for the first bath! ....Bath time was fast approaching.




Video of some of the bath action

After bath -and the new "I love mommy" hooded blanket



Everyone in one picture ......now getting late and Grandma Jo would soon be going home.