2009 March18
An A+ Doctor's Visit

Mom and Grace waiting in the Dr's office -before the check-up.

After the check-up, Grace's first luncheon.  Here with Mom and Dad at Claim Jumper's restaurant.

Grace slept through most of her first luncheon outing.

Dad reads to Grace ....everything she'll be doing in the next 12 months,
.....but it wasn't too exciting it seems,  -as soon everyone was fast asleep.


Now time to wake up and play

Followed by another nap -which doesn't look too comfortable.   Mom fixed this a number of times but Grace likes this position and soon goes back to it.


But mom likes this position much better.

2009 March20
First solo trip for mom and Grace who went out for a blood test and then took Grandma Rose and Grandpa Ray to the park for a bit of spring-weather fun