Big Buffet Dinner

Mom got to go into work early so on the way a rendezvous with dad. Grace and Dad decided the Eldorado Buffet sounded good, and it had been a while. Plus, while only Tuesday, it has been a great week at school.
Grace was hungry and put on an eating show. Best of all they have a new pasta dish that Grace LOVES! After a big plate of ribs, mashed potatoes, dinner roll and chili …she could not get enough of the Tortellini Aurora. Then some great desert, and home. What a great day.

Star Student Project Board

This week Grace is student of the week and part of the fun is building a board telling about yourself and such. Mom and Dad chipped chipped in …under Grace’s supervision. The end result is fun with art, pictures, information and even has electronic LED’s and plays music!

Picture and video below of Grace arriving at school with the project.:

V I D E O: